Yanni Floros

Yanni Floros Art

The practice of Adelaide-based artist Yanni Floros includes painting, sculpture and drawing, and he is recognised for his hyper-realistic charcoal on paper drawings. Intrigued by technology and design, Floros’ work investigates humanity’s progress via the use and impact of technology in and on our daily lives.

The women in Floros’ drawings avert their gaze from the viewer, caught up in the universe marked by the headphones they wear. Formally-suited men, their faces also obscured, carry weapons in a leather-gloved hand, sometimes adjusting their tie with the other. There are conflicted feelings of both anxiety and assuredness in these figures, encapsulating the paradoxes of the contemporary human condition.

Floros graduated with a sculpture major from the National Art School in Sydney in 2004. He has since exhibited work in solo and group exhibitions around Australia. Floros has been shortlisted for a number of significant art prizes, including the Adelaide Perry Drawing Prize in 2011 and 2012 (where in 2012 he was awarded the People’s Choice), the Clayton Utz Art Award in 2011, and the Dobell Drawing Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in 2010.

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