Catherine Hickson, Danielle Tooley, Helen McCullagh, Julia Roberts, Sophie Gralton: A Place We Dream Of

1 Jan - 31 Jan 2016

In this group show by five female Australian we encounter a very clear sense of place. As painters, they collectively attempt to capture a unique depiction of place – tempered by real and lived experience, and shaped by the passage of time and the distortions of memory.

The figurative paintings of Danielle Tooley and Sophie Gralton are steeped in nostalgia – recalling childhood snapshots taken from a dusty family albulm. The experience of a first horse ride in a new summer dress – or a sundrenched afternoon with Dad on the Verandah. Memories both fleeting and powerful. A suggested moment that evokes a whole narrative of lived history; the brief fragments of memory that shape our lives.

Contrasting these sepia toned memories, are the wonderful still life works by Helen McCullugh. Bursting with a full spectrum of colours, transforming the domestic world into vivid and uplifting visions. The artist breathing life and colour into humble spaces. Catherine Hickson’s approach differs again, her still life fruits and flowers have striking, bold colour palettes. Julia Roberts paints an enveloping and abstracted landscape. By dissolving the horizon line of the Australian bush, the artist presents a full immersion in the olive-green scrub, accented by the vertical skin-tones of the Angophra trunks which surround her home.

The works in this exhibition are much more than depiction of places. They are coloured and manipulated by each artist’s own perspective; reminding us all of they way we experience our world, recall moments and dream of the places that etch their way into our hearts and minds.