: A Room With A View

1 Sep - 29 Oct 2017

As Ben Tankard’s expressive panting style and abstract sensibility unleashes on the well-liked and unassuming Penguin paperback book covers, he transforms and distorts their conventional and classic designs into richly layered artworks. Tankard’s works invoke memories of literature with nostalgic humour, while still highlighting an enthusiasm for their subjects.

Tankard infuses his imagery with occasional, unexpected surreal elements, a graphic play of words or distinctive mark marking which adds drama and also effects parody.

Monoploy boards appear as a willing participant in this series, as Tankard warps the partitions between steps, pushing and pulling the lines between the candid and corrupt. With a suggestion that ‘there is more to just rolling the dice’, there is a sleight of hand which hints the changing fabric of social and economic goals; a contemporary artist’s interpretation of the historic epoch championed by the early 20th century board game.

Ben Tankard lives in the Blue Mountains, NSW and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from the University of Western Sydney.