Robert Jacks: Abstracts 1980s


About the Artist

Painter, printmaker, sculptor. Jacks is one of the best known abstract painters of his generation. From his first solo exhibition at Melbourne's Gallery A in 1966, to his participation in 1968 'The Field' exhibition, Jacks always remained eminent, exhibiting regularly throughout Australia. He has lived and exhibited overseas, including a significant formative period in New York and Canada in the early 1970s where his work appeared to be heading towards a more minimalist aesthetic – the installation of the increasingly monochromatic works also seeming to play a growing role in in their overall nature and presence. Over the last two decades he has evolved a more painterly and graphic abstraction, the “narrative” of his paintings and sculptures often deriving from events immediately surrounding him, such as his interest in Spanish music seen in the guitar motif in many of the recent works.