Murra Month: 31 Days, 9 Exhibitions
October 1st – 31st, 2021

Mark your calendars as we prepare to commence MURRA MONTH, a 31 day event showcasing exhibitions by your favourite Murrurundi artists. Commencing from Friday October 1st with Lucy Vader, all nine exhibitions will showcase brand new work presented beautifully online. Read below to discover which artists are participating in this exciting event and when their exhibitions will launch. For exclusive previews and access to artworks with priority, don’t forget to register for priority access to your favourite artists!

  • Lucy Vader
    MURRA MONTH: Lucy Vader

  • Elizabeth Barnett
    MURRA MONTH: Elizabeth Barnett

  • Esther Eckley
    MURRA MONTH: Esther Eckley

  • Brooke Dalton
    MURRA MONTH: Brooke Dalton

  • Jo White
    MURRA MONTH: Jo White

  • Jane Reynolds
    MURRA MONTH: Jane Reynolds

  • Louise Frith
    MURRA MONTH: Louise Frith

  • Denise Faulkner
    MURRA MONTH: Denise Faulkner

  • Carly Le Cerf
    MURRA MONTH: Carly Le Cerf

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