Michelle Kludas, Jihye Min: The Sky is Falling

6 Nov - 26 Dec 2016

This joint exhibition by Michelle Kludas and Jihye Min draws inspiration from the English children’s classic Henny Penny. Unlike the later, uplifting Americaniszd ‘Chicken Little,’ the original English fable, in which the birds are eaten by the fox, bears a stern warning not to believe everything one is told – to keep one’s head, or lose it.

Neither artist has lost it. The hand of each artist is clearly present across the exhibition – the potter and the painter both presenting works that rouse a satisfying interplay of rich earthy textures, inky blacks and flashes of deep red.

The dripping glazes of Jihye’s ceramics recall the weighty clouds of an approaching summer storm. The falling droplets providing a rhythmic texture which surrounds each vessel. The drips continue in Kludas’ painting. Each work capturing a unique personality in the painted birds – no doubt from a life time of raising them, studying their traits and knowing them as individuals. Kludas’ birds seem to have heeded the warning of Henny Penny. They are noble, resisting the overwhelming urge to panic, despite the waiting fox.

Jihye Min has exhibited her works in Korea, New York, Washington, Antwerp, Melbourne and Sydney. She recently presented a clay-based performance piece at the National Gallery of Australia.

Michelle Kludas is an emerging artist, art-crafter and successful blogger, Michelle has a background in freelance photography and this is her second exhibition focusing on her practice in oil painting.