Denise Faulkner
Tweedledum and Tweedledee


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Denise Faulkner traded in her former city life for a small bush block just outside Mudgee. She finds enjoyment observing the local birds as they flit and chatter. What began as a documentation of local bird species, has since developed into a playful exploration of the inquisitive personalities of the native birds.

The bold flash of red from a visiting rosella is a familiar sight for many Australians enjoying a cup of tea. Faulkner positions her birds in amongst Victorian era porcelain, an imagined setting that speaks to the charm of small birds, inviting themselves around for a ‘cuppa’.

These Watermark works on paper reproduce Denise Faulkner’s exquisite watercolours on hand-made paper. Each work captures birds with individual charisma. The images are taken from Faulkner’s series, 10 Impossible Things Before Tea, a collection of bright, elegant paintings, with all the quirks and charm of Alice’s wonderland, transported somewhere in the Australian bush
They are a cheeky nod to the classic line from Lewis Carroll’s most famous tea drinker.


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  • Denise Faulkner
    A Cup of Tea is Like a Warm Hug, 2020

    76 × 60 cm


  • Denise Faulkner
    Butterflies and Buttercups, 2019

    76 × 60 cm
  • Denise Faulkner
    Easter Yellow Robin and Battenburg, 2019

    60 × 60 cm
  • Denise Faulkner
    Fairy Wrens and Fairy Bread, 2019

    60 × 60 cm

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