ALVIES Men’s Brown Cow Skin Cowboy Boots


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“I liked my Alvies Cowboy boots so much, that I decided to import these fine classic, American Cowboy boots from Austin Texas.”

-Michael Reid

Alvies Original Cow Skin Cowboy Boots are designed for the man who wants the highest quality footwear and style for any occasion. With its bold brown colour, and handcrafted fit, we bring you a classic yet contemporary take on the American Cowboy Boot for today’s modern gentleman.

Alvies Original Cow Skin Cowboy Boots are hand crafted with a sharp Goodyear welt. Their premium leather upper, lining and sole give you a top-of-the-line boot at an amazing price.

The boot combines chocolate brown, premium cow skin leather, with a light and dark brown stitching. There is a touch of dark stitching on the toe. Included in this fine boot is a classic cow skin insole in light brown for an extremely comfortable fit.

Wear these boots out and you will be a little bit taller, and a great deal happier. It works for me.

You can wear Alvies Cowboy Boots with your favourite beat up jeans or get more dressed up and wear them to your next business meeting. No matter the occasion, Alvies Original Cow Skin Cowboy Boots are made for you.

And if you can find any other importer of American Cowboy Boots in Australia, I would be very surprised indeed.

Please email or call 02 6546 6256 to discuss your size and acquisition.