Object is an online platform for the sale of antiques, furniture and design objects. The platform presents an opportunity for collectors of fine furniture and lovers of design to experience and acquire significant and practical pieces for their collection or home.

Object is populated with furniture and objects that are inherently valuable pieces of design and which have stood the test of time. Objects that are appreciated with many lives, and hence do not add to the great waste of humanity. These are objects with age and history.

Items listed on Object are not mass-produced and flat-packed – they are not replicated into the homes of millions. Object is about finding the individual, the important and the timeless.

Rocking Chair i
John Ellerton & Clive Barker: A “Naturally Australian” Blackwood Rocking Chair
Hand made in Blackwood, this Rocking Chair with strong Modernist overtones was purchased by a Mr Hutcheson of Edgecliff on the 14th December 1987, from Naturally Australian Furniture, George Street Sydney. “Naturally Australian” flourished between 1976-2008 and was an oasis of the hand made and Australian craftsmanship. This Rocking Chair is an object of great beauty, and practicality. This chair would make a wonderful edition to any room. Perfect for admiring or throwing over ones coat over. If you require shipping, please contact the gallery for an estimate.
Gothic Table i
19th Century English Gothic Revival Carved Pine Centre Table
The Gothic Revival movement (also referred to as Victorian Gothic or Neo-Gothic) emerged in Britain in the 1740s, and reached its height in the late-19th century. The style is characterised by such decorative flourishes as pointed arches, floral details, finials, heraldic motifs and relief carving. The movement was rooted in religious and social conservatism. Its proponents, who included Charles Barry and A.W.N. Pugin, the architects of London’s Houses of Parliament (designed in 1840), believed that the art and architecture of the English Middle Ages were authentically spiritual and inherently chivalrous, romantic and moral. If you require shipping, please contact the gallery for an estimate.