Issue 9: Life on the land

We leave Murrurundi this month and head to the Central Tablelands of NSW to visit Jack and Susannah White at Havilah North where they run Angus cattle.

Jack White and his brother Harry are the sixth generation to breed cattle on this land — and the seventh have recently made an appearance…


Issue 8: Their Casual Best

In this issue, Creative Director and Editor Victoria Carey, spotlights Goonnoo Goonoo Station (circa 1841) on the Liverpool Pains – just outside of Tamworth NSW.

An early and storied grazing property, brought back to a new life by Sarah and Simon Haggarty, a decade ago. A casual dinning & accomodation experience with state-of-the art facilities, set amidst the most beautiful rolling hills, Goonnoo Goonnoo Station is arguably regional Australia’s premier staycation destination.


Issue 7: A Garden Playground

Amateur whore-to-culturalist Michael Reid will literally drift off whilst wide awake discussing the joys of long bed planting, which he shares in the first of this month’s double article lockdown release.

But wait, there is more. In our second article, possibly not to be read out loud to the kiddies, he shares his general thinking on the use of Blood & Bone in the garden. It is simply bone crunchingly revolting.


Issue 6: Pat’s Kitchen

With the dreaded second Sydney lockdown now in place, we explore the heart of the home as we visit Pat Reid‘s suburban kitchen of yesteryear.

An evolving revolutionary, and somewhat of an Old Communist in her twilight years, Pat Reid like many of her generation of country cooks initially embraced world change across the dining room table. Blessed be Margaret Fulton and particularly her tinned pineapple, Balinese period.

– Michael Reid OAM


Issue 5: A Creative Life

We visit artist Charlotte Drake-Brockman, who has called Murrurundi home for more than 40 years, in her studio.

To step into Charlotte’s studio, is to enter a magical place. Cardboard galleons sail across the floor and metal pirate ships with rigging made from beaded necklaces lean on a table.

Puppets hang against a weathered cupboard, painted the colour of storm clouds rolling in, and canvases thick with layers of paint are propped on old chairs…


Issue 4: Magpie Distillery

When Nikki and Geoff Drummond of Magpie Distillery moved to Murrurundi, little did they know that they would soon be winning awards around the world for their gin

“For us, Murrurundi was love at first sight. We had been looking for a change of pace, the proverbial tree change, for quite some time. We stumbled upon Murrurundi by pure chance. We had never been here, never even heard of it when we came to take a look at a house. It was a totally unexpected delight; the magnificent countryside, the history and character of the town. We knew almost instinctively that we had finally found a place to call home – READ NOW

Issue 3: The Cottage, Scone

Name a famous Sydney restaurant and chances are Colin Selwood has worked there but today this talented chef is more than happy to call Scone home.

Ask Colin today what he likes about living in the country and the answer is simple. “Being able to park right outside the shop I want to go to, never hearing a car horn toot in frustration and seeing the stars at night,” he says. “I like just simply having paddocks all around us.” – READ NOW

Issue 2: At home with Jason Mowen

After years spent living in cities, designer and writer Jason Mowen is now planning to divide his time between a weatherboard cottage in Murrurundi and a palazzo in Italy’s Puglia.

Jason Mowen waited until he was 45 to buy his first house. But this interior designer’s choice of a cottage in the country four-and-half-hours north of Sydney was a surprise to many…

“My friends thought I was crazy, but the more people told me not to do it, the more determined I became” – READ NOW

Issue 1: A Town That Performs

A love story spanning four decades between Jean-Paul Bell, Australia’s best known mime artist and the town of Murrurundi.

“There’s a sign leaning against a weathered white wall on the deck of a small workers’ cottage in the town of Murrurundi in NSW’s Upper Hunter. It’s a little faded after a few years in the sun and some of the words have almost disappeared but as I lean in a little closer, I can just make them out…” READ NOW

Welcome to The Murrurundi Argus. Established in 2021, The Murrurundi Argus evolved out of a desire to share the expansive tales & fables of those living regionally in the Upper Hunter of New South Wales and beyond. The Murrurundi Argus will publish a photo-essay monthly.

The word Argus references a mythological Greek guardian, fabled for his watchful eyes, constantly observing his surroundings. My colleagues and I at the art gallery, Concept Store & kiosk at Murrurundi like to think that through the Argus we are chronicling & curating the significant within regional Australian life.

Victoria Carey, the former editor-in-chief of Country Style and Vogue Living, and I are pleased to share our Murrurundi Argus with you.

Michael Reid OAM

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