Kate Sellars-Jones: Limited Release

  • Artist
    Kate Sellars-Jones
  • Dates
    17—30 Nov 2022

Kate Sellars-Jones” career has been entirely immersed in the creative world. Beginning life as a graphic designer, she turned to practices of a more artistic kind allowing development in painting, illustration and product design. Oil painting now dominates her art practice, which is informed by her astute appreciation of design, colour and composition.

Sellars-Jones’ talents are on full display in this beautiful series of “Staffordshire” paintings. These figurines, came to represent the culture of their time, depicting both the mundanity of daily existence along with both fame, crimes and scandals of the day. They are both charming and innocent, menacing and cruel, while loaded with social and political references.

“I am intrigued by the stories behind these small statues, from over 200 years ago, acting much like the social media of their time, to which I apply my own contemporary spin to the scenario. The aim is to encourage the viewer to observe more closely an alternative representation, and ponder ways in which our fears, desires, daily rituals and behaviour may, or may not, have evolved.”

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REGISTER YOUR INTEREST: Kate Sellars-Jones: Limited Release