Shelf Life

  • Artist
    Jane Reynolds
  • Dates
    14 Apr—1 May 2022
  • Catalogue
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Jane Reynolds is a Sydney-based still life painter whose poised compositions investigate the relationships between colour, form and light. She invests everyday objects with visual delight through a vibrant colour palette that ricochets off each surface, painted with stunning realism. Through this, she explores still life as an interlocking system of formal elements.

Shelf Life furthers Reynold’s investigation into the formal language and relationships created in her still life arrangements. Her studio shelf becomes a platform for infinite possibilities to create small worlds and fictitious landscapes for the eye to explore. Everyday objects – found domestic items, painted product packaging – are arranged to bring focus to their basic form and aesthetic value.

Objects are created, grouped, studied for each arrangement, then broken down and the process starts again as part of an ongoing evolution.

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