Tuck Shop

  • Artist
    Jo White
  • Dates
    27 Jan—6 Feb 2022
  • Catalogue
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We are thrilled to share Jo White’s solo exhibition Tuck Shop opens this morning. White walks us through the Tuck Shop line as we remember vintage sweets like Melodie Pops, Slush Puppies and Tiny Teddies. Continuing her monolithic series that document iconic subjects of Australia’s pastimes, White has yet again produced a 50 painting exhibition.

Nostalgia is a subject Jo White holds affectionately close to her heart and it is these nostalgic glances that see White’s audiences grow significantly with each new exhibition.

In Tuck Shop, White paints each work with meticulous care and detail resulting in portraits of objects that have the ability to take us back to our last encounter with these vintage sweets. Jo has yet again produced a show that captures the connection between old and new Australia resulting in ardent paintings that are simultaneously nostalgic yet modern.

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